Rose has been crying and is yet in distress. On her coming in, the ironmaster leaves his chair, takes her arm in his, and remains with her near the door ready to depart.

"You are taken charge of, you see," says my Lady in her weary manner, "and are going away well protected. I have mentioned that you are a very good girl, and you have nothing to cry for."

"She seems after all," observes Mr. Tulkinghorn, loitering a little forward with his hands behind him, "as if she were crying at going away."

non-quote Any textual unit that is not a quote.

quote A textual unit that starts and ends with respectively single or double quotation marks. It can represent speech, writing, or thought.

suspension (underlined with a blue line) A narratorial interruption of character speech that does not end with sentence final punctuation. Short suspensions have four words or less; long suspensions count more than four words.

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