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Welcome to CLiC. The CLiC web app has been developed as part of the CLiC Dickens project, which demonstrates through corpus stylistics how computer-assisted methods can be used to study literary texts and lead to new insights into how readers perceive fictional characters.

The African American Writers 1892-1912 (AAW) Corpus is currently available as a beta release. We welcome any feedback on this corpus, in particular, but also on the CLiC web app as a whole. You can contact us via email.

For more information on how to use CLiC, please read the CLiC user-guide. For the latest information on the CLiC project, look at the CLiC blog or the CLiC twitter feed. Please also check the maintenance schedule for dates on which the website will be inaccessible.

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Citing CLiC

When you use CLiC in your work, please cite CLiC like this:

Mahlberg, M., Stockwell, P., Wiegand, V. and Lentin, J. (2020) CLiC 2.1. Corpus Linguistics in Context, available at: [Accessed: DATE]


CLiC is a collaborative project between the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham. (Arts and Humanities Research Council grant reference AH/P504634/1)

The ChiLit corpus has been compiled as part of the GLARE project. GLARE was funded by the European Commission within Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (reference number EU 749521).

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